Let’s face it, life can be a risky business and the unexpected can happen. Risk Insurance is all about covering those moments and protecting yourself, your assets and your business from potential setbacks.

If you’re in business, whether you are an experienced, successful business person, or just starting out, it is important to protect yourself, your employees, and your business from the harmful effects of a sudden change in circumstances. As well as business continuity solutions, we can also advise of a range of flexible insurance products, such as start up and key person protection.

Personal Insurance

  • Life Insurance – Financial support for your loved ones if you die or suffer a terminal illness.
  • Level Premium Insurance – Keeps your insurance premiums affordable, long-term.
  • Mortgage Repayment Insurance – Pays a monthly benefit to cover your mortgage or rent repayments
  • Income Protection – Pays a percentage of your income if a serious illness or injury prevents you from working.
  • Trauma Insurance – Pays a lump sum if you suffer a serious illness or injury.
  • Health Insurance – Covers the cost of surgical treatments and specialist consultations.
  • General Insurance – Financial protection against damage or loss of your home, contents, or vehicle.

Business Insurance

  • Key Person Insurance – Covers the cost of replacement staff, or supplements the loss of turnover if a key staff member is unable to work.
  • ACC CoverPlus Extra – Upgrade your ACC cover and reduce your levies.
  • Public Liability Insurance – Pays compensation to the affected individual or property.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance – Provides financial protection in the event you’re challenged over business practice or conduct
  • Business Interruption Insurance – Covers loss of income, rent payments and other expenses relating to your business operation
  • Business Assets Insurance – Covers the cost of repairing or replacing commercial property, vehicles, assets or tools.

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